EPEVER 1.5kw Gel Trolley Inverter

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Warranty-2 years
Battery warranty is 5 months


Full intelligent digital energy storage equipment
Work continuously at full power for a long time
Multiple DC output ports, two 12V2A, two USB 5V3A, one Type C 5V3A, and one 100W Type C interface

-Built-in long-life and deep-cycle sealed valve-controlled GEL battery.
-Advanced SPWM technology and pure sine wave output.
-Active PFC is adopted for AC charging, power factor is close to 1,
and settable constant voltage current limiting output control.
-Adopt the bidirectional isolation topology
Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%.
-Bypass automatic switching function,the equipment has full automatic control
and management function.
-Lightning protection circuit for the Utility input terminal.
-AC output electromagnetic compatibility.
-Overload relay at the Utility input terminal to disconnect the inverter/charger when the fault occurs.
-Circuit breaker at the PV input terminal to ensure the PV array safe running
Circuit breaker at the Battery output terminal to ensure the battery safe running.
-Large lattice LCD screen
-Remote temperature compensation feature for batteries.
-Optional 4G, WiFi module to remote control the inverter/charger by the RS485 com. port.
-Three-stage charging method.

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1 review for EPEVER 1.5kw Gel Trolley Inverter

  1. kuan

    this product is really durable

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